From Greece with Love!

The Ancient Greeks hold a rich history as pioneers of western civilization. We credit them for the invention of the alphabet, map, and even, democracy. Among the many Greek contributions adopted stateside, we’re just now discovering Greece’s most evolved and perfected indulgence—authentic Feta.

So, here is the stunning fact, most Americans have never tasted the Zeus of Feta—Real Greek Feta. In fact, only 2% of fetas consumed stateside actually hail from Greece her- self. As the Greek artisans intended, we continue to use the original, thousands of years old recipe and source strictly from shepherds in the Greek regions to impart a unique creamy, tangy flavor unparallel to ones made elsewhere. Enjoy Real Greek Feta on salads, atop pasta, or alongside olives and rediscover Feta for the first time.

Feta really is Greek

PDOThe European Commission has instituted the protection of the geographical origin of various products, through their characterization as products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The name Feta was reintroduced in the PDO registry in October of 2002 as a product originating in Greece. See History of Feta for more details.

Discover Real Greek Feta

Everyone knows it, everyone heard of it, some of you may have tasted it... or you think you have. What the video to learn more about Real Greek Feta.